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In response to requests from various media outlets, BCLB has provided quotes and opinions to aid news reporting on the latest decisions that impact litigation in our respective practice areas. Likewise, the attorneys at BCLB have been published in some of the region’s most respected periodicals.


Commercial Litigation Articles:


Lawsuit claims filmmaker stiffed late partner’s estate | LINK

Proportionate Liability for Diversion of a Corporate Opportunity | PDF

Attorney's Eyes Only Designations Within a Protective Order | PDF

Court Supervision of a Dissolved Corporation Pursuant to BCL 1008 | PDF

Pursuant to Federal Law, the Attorney/Client Priveledge Does Not Survive Corporate Dissolution | PDF

Divided Loyalty: Damages for Employee Disloyalty Claims | PDF

Spies, Lies and Business Torts | PDF

Economic Interest Defense to a Tortious Interference Claim | PDF

Basic Principles Make Exceptional Attorneys| PDF

Speed & Efficiency, the New Norm for Commercial Division Cases| PDF

The Standard For, and New Guidelines to Govern, Securing Non-Party Discovery| PDF

Scope of General Releases Within Employee Separation Agreement| PDF

Facts Sufficient to Obtain Summary Judgement on a Veil Piercing Claim| PDF

Theft of Trade Secrets and the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act| PDF

Finally! Depositions of Expert Witnesses In Commercial Division Cases| PDF

Litigation Holds and Preservation of ESI in Light of VOOM HD Holdings, LLC| PDF

Avoid the dismissal of duplicative & factually insufficient causes of action | PDF

Latest from Court of Appeals - Scope of Duty Owed by a Realtor to a Seller | PDF

The Suffolk Lawyer: Aviation Related Themes in Breach of Contract Cases | PDF

Law360.com: Top NY Court Affirms High Bar For Piercing Corporate Veil | PDF

The Suffolk Lawyer: Georgia Malone & Co. v. Rieder — Further Refining Unjust Enrichment Claims | PDF

The Suffolk Lawyer: Task Force Report & Recommendations for the Commercial Division | PDF

Amendments to FRCP 56(c) Concerning the Authentication of Documents | PDF

"Affiliate" Relationship Insufficient to Found Economic Interest Defense | PDF

Lawrence v. Kennedy - Lessons for the Unwary | PDF

Slamming the Door on Defenses to Disbursement of Counterfeit Funds | PDF

Converting a Fifth Amendment Invocation into a Negative Inference | PDF

Maximizing Criminal Court Results in the Civil Arena Through Collateral Estoppel | PDF

Replevin via the CPLR & UCC | PDF

Money Isn't Everything - Undermining an Injunction Application by Quantifying Damages | PDF

Leveling the Playing Field for Chronic Non-Compliance | PDF

Counsel's Liability for Disbursement of Counterfeit Funds | PDF

Divided Loyalty: Damages for Employee Disloyalty Claims | PDF

The Ultimate Remedy for Willful Failure to Disclose CPLR 3126(3) | PDF

Attachment Premised Upon Intent to Defraud | PDF

Easy to Allege, Difficult to Substantiate | PDF

Contempt of Court Orders | PDF

Risk of Loss for Shipments Governed by the UCC | PDF


Family Law Articles:


Valuation of Closely Held Business Interests | PDF

Pendente Lite Applications, Then and Now | PDF

A Keane Double-Dipping Miscalculation and the Vanishing Monied Spouse | PDF